Stage 1 Malignant Kidney Cancer - Searching for Help

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Stage 1 Malignant Kidney Cancer - Searching for Help

Messagepar anton » 18 juillet 2018, 21:42

Hi All,
I am 40 years old, healthy, and feel good, do exercise. Was diagnosed with stage 1 malignant cancer, in right kidney (3.2x2.9x3.1) couple of days ago. Mass hasn't been removed yet. Doctors recommend partial or radical nephrectomy.

I am looking to get in touch with anyone who I can talk to, who has experience with any non-surgery treatments or techniques that could have resulted in a reduction of a tumor size, or complete elimination.

Any one who experienced this journey. Anyone who can help with:
Alkaline therapy
Soda Bicarbonate therapy
Chlorine dioxide therapy
Anything else therapy that worked

If you know anyone I can call or email please let me know.

Thank you so much,

I have a history of multiple ACL and other knee ligaments surgeries to be precise 6 of them.
Took extensive amounts of Aleve/Naproxen and Ibuprofen for months managing pain.
Latest research shows that aleve/naproxen and ibuprofen might have contribute to the kidney cancer.

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