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Vitamine D

Messagepar spa » 04 avril 2017, 13:50

Un article en anglais,(copier coller avec google traduction si pas comprendre!), sur l'efficacité d' une complémentation en Vit D. pour le cancer de la prostate.
Préférez la D3
Un labo qui en propose à dose élevée: soit 1000 ou 3000 UI par dose; LE (Life Extension).
Perso je consomme en 3000 et 6000 UI par jour.

Vitamin D supplementation slows progression of low-grade prostate cancer

Vitamin D supplementation slows progression of low-grade prostate cancerApril 1 2015. A presentation at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society revealed the outcome of a randomized trial which found a benefit for vitamin D supplementation among men with low-grade prostate cancer.

Acting on the results of a previous study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, which found a reduction in Gleason scores (which are used to grade tumor aggressiveness) in prostate cancer patients supplemented with vitamin D over one year, Bruce Hollis, PhD, and colleagues set out to determine whether the vitamin could decrease tumor aggressiveness during the 60-day required waiting period between prostate biopsy and surgery to remove the gland. The trial randomized 37 men scheduled for elective prostatectomy to receive 4,000 international units (IU) vitamin D or a placebo for 60 days. Examination of the excised glands revealed improvement among a number of men in the vitamin D-supplemented group, in contrast with no improvement or worsening of disease in those who received a placebo. The vitamin D group also exhibited changes in cell lipids and proteins, including those involved in inflammation. "Cancer is associated with inflammation, especially in the prostate gland," stated Dr Hollis, of the Medical University of South Carolina. "Vitamin D is really fighting this inflammation within the gland."

Dr Hollis observed that the vitamin D dose used in the trial is significantly lower than the amount made in the body from daily sun exposure. "We're treating these guys with normal body levels of vitamin D," he noted. "We haven't even moved into the pharmacological levels yet."

"We don't know yet whether vitamin D treats or prevents prostate cancer," he commented. "At the minimum, what it may do is keep lower-grade prostate cancers from going ballistic."

Messages : 130
Inscription : 08 septembre 2016, 16:02

Re: Vitamine D

Messagepar spa » 10 avril 2017, 17:29

Info perso,
Suite à une exposition au soleil de parties du corps jusqu'à présent cachées (bras et jambes), j' ai fais une réaction allergique ( rougeurs sur les parties nouvellement exposées), j'ai mis ça sur le compte de la prise de vitamines D3 (6000 UI/jour).
Pour l'instant, ais rangé le pilulier dans l' armoire ... on verra cet hiver!

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